We Provide

• Organized non-contact games, scrimmage sessions and proper warm-up and cool-down periods

• Learning proper offensive and defensive concepts and techniques

• All needed flag football equipment (provided through our partnership with NFL Flag and NFL Play 60.

• A reversible NFL Team Jersey

• A coaching staff that has a true passion for the game and undergoes ongoing coaches training

Mad Dogs was founded by local volunteers—parents, coaches and business owners—who are committed to providing a World Class athletic opportunity for the children and families in this area.

Our Goals Are

• Provide quality football learning for young players

• Put Flagler County football on the map

• Help players who want to transition into full tackle football (or any other sport) with a well-rounded background of proven skills and meaningful game experience.

• Improve the health and well-being of Flagler County with a solid athletic experience

Mad Dogs is the fastest growing sports league in the area and one of the leading Flag Football leagues in the United States, because we maintain our focus on providing a high-level of service to our families and on creating a game day atmosphere that is truly special.
“Hungry Dogs Run Faster”
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