Mad Dogs Flag Football


At Mad Dogs Flag Football League, our main emphasis is on teaching young athletes fundamental football skills while giving them a basic knowledge and appreciation of this wonderful game. We provide a fun atmosphere for boys and girls ages 5 – 15 to play and learn proper football concepts and techniques in a no tackle, kid friendly environment.  In addition to learning good football concepts and skills, our coaching staff will instill the importance of being a team player, displaying good sportsmanship, having a strong work ethic, developing leadership skills and being committed to a goal.

The goal of Mad Dogs Flag Football League is to provide quality football learning for young players, to put Flagler County football on the map, and to help players who want to transition into full tackle football with a well-rounded background of proven skills and meaningful game time experience.

Mad Dogs Flag Football League Provides:
  • Organized non-contact games, scrimmage sessions and proper warm-up and cool-down periods
  • Learning proper offensive and defensive concepts and techniques
  • All needed flag football equipment (provided through our partnership the “NFL Flag Football Association”)
  • One game day reversible NFL Team Jersey
  • A coaching staff that have a true passion for the game and undergoes ongoing coaches training

2019 Mad Dogs Flag Football League at a Glance:
  • The “2019 Spring Season” will run from March 16th through May 11th.
  • Both Boys and Girls Teams are divided into the follow age groups: 6 and under – 8 and under – 10 and under – 12 and under – and 15 and under, at their date of registration
  • Weekly practice and scrimmage sessions will be held at the coaches discretion
  • Weekend Games are scheduled between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. and are held at Wadsworth Park in Flagler Beach