Rules Mad Dogs Flag Football


When will I find out what team we are on?

Once rosters are finalized, you will be provided your coaches contact information, and your coach will contact you about practices.

How often and where do teams practice?

Your head coach, in consultation with the parents, will determine the best practice schedule and location for your team. Teams usually practice once or twice per week, often only on Saturday or Sunday before your game.

How often are games played, and how long are they?

Typically, teams play one game per week, which lasts about an hour. Occasionally (once or twice per season), a team may have two games on the same day.

What does the registration fee cover?

You receive an official NFL jersey and flag belt that are yours to keep. The fee also covers equipment, referees, field rental, insurance, and all other costs of operating the league.

What do I need to provide?

Shorts (no belt loops or pockets), shoes (cleats only), and a mouth guard (available for purchase at the field)

Are there additional costs, fund-raising events, or required volunteer time?